An Ode to my Husband.

The other day I was sitting at home waiting for my new husband to arrive home and I realized that there were so many vital things that I loved about him. So I wrote it down and decided to share it with you:

Why I Love You…

I love you because you love me unconditionally

You seek to find the best in me (even when it is hidden)

You desire nothing more than an extraordinary life

And that life you want to live out with me

You desired me as your lover

You hand selected me as your best friend

You vowed to love me despite circumstances and obstacles

I vowed to follow you wherever He sends you

You hear His voice (more than you realize)

You follow His word, you aspire to be obedient

You are becoming a voice in this generation, strong & confident

You are aggressive in your faith & grow more daily in understanding

Pushing past mundane & mediocre life

You soar above others with your diligence & devotion

You are steadfast & loyal until things are done right & complete

You see details from all perspectives

Especially how Father God sees things

You are determined to learn how to love like He loves

You are able to hear the sounds of heaven

You are able to uproot the gates of hell

You uplift, engage & encourage others to step beyond their reality vision

You speak with wisdom well beyond your years

You work hard, whether for nothing or for all

You seek direction & spiritual fatherhood

You are on a quest to find something not many have found

You want to know the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven

You want to be a Kingdom man

You want to be a legitimate Father, natural & spiritual

You want to be an influencer, its not what you say, but what you do

You long to be a part of the change

You strive to be different and set apart

You know we belong here, a peculiar people

You inspire, encourage, edify & challenge me.

I admire, honor, uplift, submit, bless, & love you.

You are the priest of our home.

You are the man of God that He designed you to be! And you continue to quest after your full inheritance…

I love you…

I printed this out and put it next to his sweet tea glass (he is greeted with one every afternoon when he arrives home). I love him because of the man God has made him and continues to mature him into.


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