Spiritual Understanding. The Benefits of…

This year has been such a year of learning, revelation and of more understanding. I basically soak in what I am taught like a five year old. I grasp it and I chew on it. I ponder it and figure out how to implement it in my life. I just know that there is so much more than this world has to offer…

Pops is my spiritual dad. He also goes by PT, Pastor Timothy and all that jazz. He has been mentoring me for about the past year and a half. Its been quite an uphill climb, as I certainly don’t want the pastor to see all my junk! But, alas, he has seen it himself and gladly points in out. He does it with gladness so he can help me discover how to be free!

So…I am here to share some really cool stuff found in Colossians 1:9-10. In these verses you will find:

Four Benefits of Spiritual Knowledge & Understanding: (Are you ready?!?…They are SUPER good!)

  1. When you grasp spiritual understanding, your life will ALWAYS honor and please Father God. How cool is that? Because I learn to understanding His word + revelation, I can live a life of holiness and be set apart because I UNDERSTAND how and why!
  2. As you grasp more spiritual understanding, there WILL be production of fruit in your ministry and life. Although your ministry IS your life…so it all works hand in hand.
  3. The more spiritual understanding you gain, you will continue to grow as you learn…it will not stop! You will keep gaining and gaining….WOW!
  4. Through spiritual understanding you will know God so intimately that He will be the driving force behind your persistence, determination and endurance!

That’s all for now…nothing too deep…just re-establishing my blog writing… 🙂

Make it a great day!


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