my last post was august of 2009.

things have been a bit different from then. just a few lines of what’s new…


on july 24, 2011 on a sunday evening, at the home of my spiritual parents, i was awakened. truly awakened. i wept and travailed. i cried out. i danced. HE HEARD ME.

after searching for 30 years in my life, wondering where this big “God” was, knowing there was always “MORE”, he brought me to a place where i am beginning to see things with my own eyes.

he has answered prayers. i saw him shift the clouds in the atmosphere as we prayed. i saw him take away pain from traci as she cried out in pain from the cancer. i saw him shift hurricane irene from a category 3 to a 1…and this is no coincidence. this is evidence of a greater power that is HE. he is the I AM.

for the first time in my life i look forward to awaking each morning at 4:30 to seek His face. time is not an issue for me, neither is the waking up. i long to sit and hear him speak to me, it flows like water. his words are like sweet honey from a honeycomb. nothing, and i mean NOTHING compares to hearing HIS voice.

the best part: the best is yet to come.

he is purifying. he is refining. and i want every bit of it.
even the suffering.

this world has nothing for me.
thank you Lord for awakening that in me.

until another time…(soon, i hope)…

i pray awakening into your life. cry out in desperation.


he heard me. and i laugh and cry about it all the time…because HE HEARD ME.


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