First of all, I should say that this is my first post…in a very, very, VERY long time. I decided to take a break from writing to work on me–sounds a bit selfish, huh? I needed to learn to write with a new perspective of grace, mercy & compassion. I love people, but I found myself frustrated when they didn’t understand what I understood; Thus I decided to “put down my pen” and dig in my heels to know God deeper.

I was awakened one year ago today at a “get-together”. When my husband & I arrived, the few people that were there were engaged in prayer. We simply joined in & for the next long while, we cried, cried out and prayed for His Presence to transform us! Thus, started me on yet another journey of knowing who He truly was/is/will be. 

My pastor spoke on redemption Sunday and it was amazing what revelation he spoke regarding it. As I was studying the other day, I came across something about redemption I never realized; it’s three-fold. Redemption is a cool word to say, offer to someone who has messed up & what the world truly desires…but do we really know what all in included in a redemption deal with Abba Father?

1. Redemption set me free from captivity.
I was in the slave market, up for grabs in the Kingdom of darkness. I was a slave to darkness AND my flesh. Although I thought I was making my own decisions and living my life on my agenda, I was truly on the agenda belonging to darkness and fulfilling a role they so strategically placed me—utterly NOT dependent on God. It was more of a humanistic religious way of living per say. But when Jesus was being beaten, ridiculed and spat upon, He was thinking of me. He was thinking about how I was being abused by the kingdom of darkness. He wanted to rescue me. He became Luke :18-19 by setting me free! He broke the chains of my captivity from the power of darkness.

2. Redemption released my blame & paid my debt.
For every sin, every iniquity, for everything that was never enough—it is now PAID IN FULL. His Blood was the ONLY ransom the kingdom of darkness would allow to pay my debt off–and He did so willingly. All blame, shame, regret, guilt & gaps caused by my sin have been negated and overruled by His Blood. His Blood washed away my sin, His Blood took away the shame and guilt & His Blood filled in all the gaps and voids in my life. 

3. Redemption reformed me & made me worthwhile.
He could have stopped at releasing me from the grasp of darkness. He didn’t. He could have stopped me at releasing from the grasp of darkness and releasing my debt. He didn’t. Redemption covers one more thing- It makes me WHOLE. He could have ignored the cracks, the voids and the wounds in my life…but He didn’t. He saw fit in the Redemption Story to complete it; to complete me; to complete you.  


I could write more. Redemption goes deeper. But I want you & I to grasp the reality and the realness of redemption. I want us to realize all the aspects of it. I want us to see & hear the truth of redemption.

Ask Him today to reveal Himself greater to you; ask Him today to speak to you about what He has redeemed you from…You may hear more than you think.

It’s a good day to thank Him. It’s a good day to thank Him for redemption.




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