Into the New Year I Go…Welcome 2009!

The first thing that I have to get off my chest is this… 2009 is actually my 10 year reunion from high school. YUCK.  But I do admit I look really great for my age! And now I will move on….

2009 is gearing up to be an exciting, excellent, elevating, eventful and encouraging year! I also know that with these things are going to come testings ,obstacles, struggles and maybe a little chastisement (for when I choose to not do the right thing, maybe…hoping this will NOT happen!). I am shifting my mindset for these things and for what is to come. I am preparing my spirit to handle these things and to tell my soul (mind, heart, emotions, personality) to quit trying to control everything. I must learn to fully rely on my spirit and Father God rather than what I think is best.

This year is so different than any other year. Despite getting married in under six months (Holy Cow!), I have a lot of training and equipping that is going on in my life. In addition, I also have been put into activation.

The first goal I hope and pray to accomplish in 2009 is my fast. Fasting is very difficult for me. I LOVE FOOD! I love Olive Garden, Elizabeths Pizza and Atlantic Bread Company, but I am praying for God to lead me and show me new things as I fast fin order to receieve clarification, revelation and spiritual adrenaline. My ultimate goal would be 40 days. I start today. I am viewing this fast one day at a time not as a whole group of days.  I am continually preparing my mind and spirit. This is a test for me.

Some other new things I am tackling are:

  • Teaching, delegating and facilitating the ICIT course at UFC
  • Undergoing leadership training in the “In Search of Timothy” yearlong intense sessions
  • Teaching “Ultimate Kidz” at UFC
  • Worship leading on Ultimate Praise
  • Life Mentoring with Pastor Timothy
  • Marriage counseling with Pastors Timothy & Diane

The list can continue. But these things above are high priority on my list. As I look at them I remember the wonderful triangle of “Rights and Responsibilties” and the verse which says, “To whom much is given, much is required”.

Can I remind you that we don’t “earn”, “desereve” or “prove” in order to receive gifts from Father God? He simply gives as he sees fit. So if you have a lot of gifts with a lot of things to do…the one thing you should not do is complain or say, “It’s not fair”. I can already tell you you are correct:  its not fair. So…Deal. Take your gifts and move onto the new year ready to tackle the things the Lord has laid out for you!

What are you new goals, purposes and plans for 2009?!?


Defeated? Heck no, not me.

I absolutely refuse to be discouraged.

I do, however, choose to know that my God:
still reigns.
has not left me.
knows what He is doing.
knew this wasn’t a surprise.
is not worried one bit.
still knows I am His favorite. 🙂
still holds my future.
will still bless me and keep me.
will protect me.
will not let harm come near me.
is close.
is Almighty.
is Holy.
is Sovereign.
is Righteous.
is my maker.
is my friend.
is my lover.
can heal my sickness.
can heal my wounds.
controls my finances.
is in charge of my relationships.
can change the world.
can move mountains.
can change individuals.
can change a city.
can change a state.
can change a nation.





One Man Cannot Save Our Country…

Here you go…here’s my deal…

1. I am a McCain supporter. I am a Palin supporter. You cannot change my mind. Do I think they will be able to “save our country?” No. I do believe that they will fight for the American people and allow me to work and keep my hard earned money instead of handing it out to free loaders…Yes.

I believe in LIFE and the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is a right. Homosexuality is not. With that said, we all have the same rights.
I am not voting for Obama because he does not endorse anything that I believe in. It is not because of his color, background or party affiliation. He does not stand for LIFE or protecting the family. He doesn’t  support our military. He doesn’t wear our American flag. He is only proud of this country and loves America NOW because he is running for president. Shouldn’t someone running our country love our country despite circumstances? Hmmm….

One man, though, cannot solve this issue.

2. Universal healthcare? This is not happening. Why? We have 8,000,000 veterans our own country cannot take care of, how in the world can Obama say its going to happen? It’s not. Hate to disappoint you. Canada has the same plan. Hope you don’t get cancer…it could be up to a year before we can fit you in for chemo…thats a socialist healthcare plan.

I am not sure why people think one man can solve this issue.

3. Tax cuts? (I am just laughing inside). Any candidate that claims he will cut taxes is seriously delusional, both parties including…Where is the money going to come from with all these plans?!? Think really hard about this…Seriously people.

One man cannot solve this issue.

4. The war: its spiritual not physical. Please do not post any comments about how the Bible says Jesus was a peacemaker and then go on to tell me that you “interpret the Bible for yourself”. Yes, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but He is not a Peacemaker. If He was a peacemaker he would have let death win when He was crucified…but that did not happen. He is alive and well and you better start believing it! There is only one way…BIBLICAL TRUTH. The war over yonder is a spiritual battle that many will never understand because they choose not to. It is not because I think they are stupid, but they have chosen not to really listen and open up to why it is neccessary we fight. We must be on the offense of they will come over here! They hate us and want us gone… check out the website and get enlightened!
www. obsessionthemovie. com.

One man cannot solve this issue.

5. I have never seen so much hatred during a presidental election. This is not the time for our country to be in war against each other. Even though I am a McCain supporter, it does not mean I don’t pray for Obama. Both men need love, support and prayer. I am not sure what kind of junk your parents taught you, but I was taught to respect authority even if I didn’t like the person. Its not the person in authority you submit to, its the position. So quit complaining about Bush, McCain and Obama and PRAY! I am speaking to myself here too! I know that one day I will be held accountable for what I did and did not do. And despite whether “you think so, because I interpret for myself” or not, you are too!

Again, one man cannot save my country.

6. The bottom line is this…many people are putting their trust into one man instaed of the true head Jesus Christ. So for those of you that think that Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama can save this country and where they are, you are sadly mistaken. We need to get on our faces and begin praying for mercy….mercy that the Most High will take over and do as He wills, not as a man wills…


One man cannot save this country, but our Father in heaven can.

Lou Engle ( has called a 3 day fast (of your choice) through the November 4th elections. One of the first things Mr. Obama intends to do is to put the “Freedom of Choice Act” into action that will continue to murder innocent babies. Please, when you vote, do not go with popular vote, peer pressure or these degrading ads you see. Please pray and seek Biblical revelation before you set into place in the White House. I refuse to allow my hands to be covered in blood.

Do We Really Understand?!?

First of all, I have decided to no longer type in all lowercase letters.
For some reason, I think the Lord is having me type correctly for a purpose…
Whenever I find out why….I will let you know, too!

When you read the Word of God, let me ask you, do you really understand?
Do you really understand the words on the page?
Are they penetrating into your life?
Are they penetrating into your spririt man?
Are they making such a HUGE impact on your life that you are not the same after you read them?

How many times do we read Matthew 16:24 and Mark 8:34-35 and say,
“Oh yes, Lord, turn me from my selfish ways. Amen” and then go about living our life without
any significant impact?

ALL THE TIME…or it would be impacting other people.

Matthew 16:24: “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your corss, and follow me.'”

Mark 8:34-35: “Then, calling the crowd to join his disciples, he said, ‘If any of you wants to be my follwers, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me’…But if you give up your life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News, you will be saved.'”

These words are red letter edition, friends.
This means that Jesus spoke this into exsistence and into the earth and its atmosphere.

First off, let me point out that Jesus did not say we HAD to follow him, he simply said, “If you want to…”.
He is a gentleman by all means. He would not force himself on anyone.
God created us with free will and minds so that we were able to make the decision for ourselves.
So the first question is: Do you really, truly WANT to be a disciple?
A want is characterized by the fact that it is to feel a want or desire for, wish for, to need, crave, demand.
Do you really WANT Jesus? Do we truly WANT to be a disciple?
You must make a choice, a decision before you go anywhere else.
You have the power and right to choose.

When you have made your decision and decided that, yes, you want to be a disciple…it doesn’t end there.
The next part says, “You must turn from your selfish ways”.
How many of us will truly admit that we are selfish?
Be truthful, we are all flesh, born into sin and it is our carnal nature to be selfish.
It is embedded into us at birth and continues to be pressed into our skulls through our wonderful society.
MUST: to be obliged or bound to by an imperative requirement.
TURN: to reverse the position or placement of.
When we decide that Jesus is who we want to follow, now is where our choices
have to end; should end; come to a halt; stop.
We have no choice in the matter of turning from our selfish ways. We have to. Its a requirement in the
Kingdom of Heaven. Its not some “legalistic” ideal or idea, its the very heart of Christ.
We have to turn ourselves away from where our fleshly human carnal selves have allowed us to be placed
and completely rotate out of this position we are “comfortable” in.

Oh, but then Jesus says I have to give up my life? Really? Truly? Is he serious?
How in the world can an Almighty God use you if you have your own:

Until we come to a place where we realize that the Kindgom of Heaven is far greater and more important
than our own lives, our own bogs, our myspace and facebook pages, our trips to coffee shops and many other things we feel we MUST do….we aren’t really disciples.
Remember, Jesus asked his father, our father, that if there be any other way[other than for him to die]…to please let it be that way. But Jesus also said that if his death was his father’s will, then to let it be done.
Who is more selfless than that?
Jesus laid down his own agenda so that he could complete the will of his father and
help ensure the opportunity to bring Heaven to earth.

Lord, help me to realize that above all, that your Good News and the Kingdom of Heaven is far more important that anything involving me or my life. Help me to see it as you see it. Help me to realize that I have nothing and I am nothing without pursuing with full force to see your kingdom on this earth. I pray that these verses penetrate deep into the core of my being so that I die to myself daily, lay down my own plans for your plans and I start strategically downloading ways you want your will done. In Jesus mighty, awesome, holy and righteous name…AMEN.

So, my question to you now is:
Do you REALLY WANT to be a disciple and TURN from your selfish ways?!?

be a man.

i understand that i am a pretty dominant girl.
okay a really dominant girl.
but, if you are not taking the bull by the horns, well heck, i will do it.
i cannot sit and wait around on you to get the job done. i will just do it myself, right?!?
this include anything from work at school to spiritual battles….

today was amazing. uttterly amazing.

we went to church, like we normally do on sunday mornings.
it was an incredible time of pressing in and
i began to sense some warfare in my spirit.
i shared with pastor timothy about it and continued to press in.

then he took it a step further… “its time for the men in the church to be a man…”
and can i say, YES IT IS!

for years, the men have slowly stepped out of the limelight and become tolerant of our world.
whether its been a slight withdrawal or one that was full force, the fact remains
that the men in the church nowadays..well, um, SUCK.
they are passive.
they are apathetic.
they are quite.
they dont pray.
they dont seek.
they dont fast.
they have no relationship with Christ.
when leaders call out to their houses to pray, the women are the first ones
to grab hold of it and run. and you HEAR them. they are LOUD.
but ask a man to pray…you might as well go to the library…because you can hear a pin drop.
they sit in the back of the church hoping they will go unnoticed and
quickly exit so that they are not held accountable to anything or anyone.
i know the game.

can i tell you the women in the church are tired?
tired of doing your job, men. tired of taking up the slack on behalf on the family because you dont
want to “offend the world” or because you want to be “masculine” with your buddies.
the women are tired of having to take care of themselves and YOUR BEHIND.

wanna know masculine to me? answer me these:

  1. if i am attacked by the enemy, can you pray, intercede and stand in the gap for me?
  2. do you know how to handle demon possession?
  3. can you pray LOUD and HARD?
  4. can you TRAVAIL?
  5. can you fast until BREAKTHROUGH?
  6. will you be a watchman at night when you hear the Lord speak?
  7. will you be the head of the household, more than just with money?
  8. can you handle the finances?
  9. can you be Christlike in character?
  10. will you be a pillar of righteousness?
  11. will you be a man of truth?
  12. do you know the Word more than me?
  13. can you impart to me?
  14. can you engage in battle, despite the cost or casuality possibility?
  15. can you pray, in front of people and in your prayer closet?
  16. can you be a father…a true father?
  17. do you yield to Holy Spirit?
  18. are you unshakable in your faith?
  19. are you unashamed of your savior?
  20. can you worship with abadonment?
  21. will you dance before the Lord?
  22. will you SHOUT for victory?
  23. will you give of your time and MONEY when the Lord says to?
  24. are you obedient?
  25. are you teachable?
  26. can you submit to authority?
  27. are you selfless?
  28. are you becoming highly skilled and advanced trained in the Word of God?
  29. do you have a passion for the hurting, the dying, the hungry, the thirty and the lost?
  30. are you IN LOVE with Jesus?

if you answer “yes” to all of those questions, you could very possibly find you
one heck of a godly woman. but if you cant handle these things, she would rather
be alone….cause we are tired of taking care of you pansy fellas.

grow some balls boys…this ain’t your momma’s church service anymore.
its a passionate, committed, in love, unshakable, living, breathing, unashamed, Christlike lifestyle.

be a man. pimpslap religion…

dear mr. obama…. & dear mrs. palin…

dear mr. obama,

i normally dont get involved in the policital realm. i usually dont care and dont like it.
it leaves me acting very un-Christlike.
but something unusual in brewing in my heart…
i am learning more about poltics because i should CARE.
i should see the upcoming election as more than just who is running this country…
but rather who does the Lord want in office so that His strategic plan can come to pass?

i am very concerned for my country.
i am concerned that instead of submitting to authority and lifting them up,
all people do is complain and speak slander.
when you complain, you are speaking death into the atmosphere of this country.
do we need anymore death in America?
im thinking…no.
you say you want change?
but i need someone who truly cares about the country and ALREADY loves the country where we live.
not someone who wants to change things just to…well change them.
and i need answers.
answers to questions.
questions you seem to run around in order not to answer…

sir, i will NOT vote for someone who despises this country because of our situations.
being LOYAL is NOT based on circumstances.
being LOYAL comes from an overflow of love.
a love for this FREE country.
if you, mr. obama,  truly loved this country, you would love the USA despite its current position.
i will NOT vote for anyone who refuses to wear my country’s colors that men and women in the service have
worked so hard to preserve. have died to preserve.
their blood has preserved my right to speak the name Jesus Christ, own my gun, write this letter and
enjoy monday night football…

see, mr. obama, leading my country is more than just “changing” it.
you see, sir, its about appreciating where we have come from
and loving the fact that we are free.
its about protecting the santity of life and marriage.
its about loving the people and not moving the people with words, intentions.
its about loving this nation, because it is our home.
its NOT about pleasing people, because you cannot please everyone.
its NOT about using great words, because words are merely words.

it is about what the agenda of the Most High God is….


dear mrs. palin,
you, dear lady, have executed a moral rightness and courage that i have never seen.
you are quick to listen and slow to speak, but always answer questions.
no matter how tough.
you exhibit qualities that are unusual, unique and appealing.
you have cause me to double-take my opinion on the political world.
i love the fact that you became involved in politics not to be a “politician”,
but to make things better…for your kids, your family, your city, your state and now your country.
i am pleased to say that i trust my country in your hands…because you follow the Lord with all of you.
He will strengthen you, He will give you words to speak, He will increase your boldness and He will show you the paths.
all you have to do is follow Him.
i appreciate and admire your stand.
i appreciate and admire for being a woman in a “man” race.
i appreciate and admire you, most of all, for being real.

for loving my country.
being proud of my country.
for honoring our veterans.
for protecting the unborn and marriage.
for not smashing our authority but uplifting them in prayer.

thank you sarah palin for showing me that God can still reign in the USA.
you have my vote.


“am i wounded?” part two.

WARNING:i write from the depths of me. i don’t pre-plan any of my writing (although i am a planner). its a lot easier to be transparent and the real “me” if i just type what is in my head. so there may be parts you find appalling or you don’t like…i don’t mind. i know i have to do this for me. to be free. i recommend trying this, to see whats holding you back from being free. its hard, its harsh, but will be so worth it in the end, but be transparent. its the best way to be… lb.

“investigate my life, o God, find out everything about me; cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what i’m about; and see if there is any wicked or hurtful way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” psalms 139:23-24… [msg/amp].


yeah, he’s pointed out a lot in me lately…he has cross-examined me and revealed things to me. i hate to see the junk i have let in and hoarded up, but at the same time so grateful that i have the opportunity to be free. so, i just wanna continue my quest from yesterday, really trying to get these things out in the open and off of me. trying to be…transparent. [ummm, not easy].

5. do i find myself withdrawing in groups and rarely take part in conversations, jokes, fun?
hmmmmm, can you guess what my answer may be? yes. but like all of the other questions, i know i don’t practice this all the time. but the times i practice it, it is darkness, not light. quite frankly, i enjoy people for the most part…not selfish ones(could i be wounded by selfish people? i think so), but people. when i start noticing that someone keeps referring to their life repeatedly, i tend to shy away. and it all goes back to how i am feeling and what kind of mood i am in. i hate moods. i hate my flesh. i am currently and continuously in battle with them both to get them completely out of me. i know i tend to withdraw if i don’t feel welcome or what not. and it depends on who i am with. not everyone is welcome into my domain. it goes back to that backstabbing, vulnerability thing. i know i need to loosen up, but when i’ve dealt with the people i’ve dealt with (and when i say people, i mean girls…) then its almost natural to me. and again, i am not justifying my behavior. it takes everything within me to tell my flesh to stop, then i have to repent, pray, get in the spirit mode, etc. its not always that easy. ugggghhh, have i mentioned that i am completely over being wounded? the more i ask myself these questions, the more crap i find. i would stop, but that would be giving up. i refuse to do that.

6. do i have trouble receiving praise from people?
ummm, yeah. i don’t always know what to say? i usually just stand there smiling as if i didn’t hear what they just said. i don’t do well. i don’t know what tone of voice to use to say “thank you”, i’m not sure how my body language should be and i don’t know if they’re lying. i think that is the case. i’ve had not genuine praise before and that hurts. so i guess i just sit there, read your body language to see if you are lying and if you are, i walk away. then i build my walls up and then i don’t want anything to do with you. i already have pre-judged you and chosen to not communicate or have connection with you. wow. i have a lot of work to do. [its crazy how much you realize about yourself when you type…my mind is just going and i am typing. then i go back and read. i didn’t realize i was this hurt, this affected, this setback and this much in bondage. i didn’t reazlie how bad my reactions were and how often i put up walls, you should try this. you might learn a lot about yourself!]. i have NO clue how to just say “thank you” and smile. [note to self: practice in mirror].

7. do i seek to be in control of my relationships?
OF COURSE I DO! have you noticed a pattern? when most people describe me, the words “independent, non-conforming, strong and dominant” are used. and while being strong, independent or non-conforming can have good characteristics, i don’t always characterize those positive characteristics. i tend to be on the other side where i don’t need you or your help. i tend to think i can handle all things on my own and my decisions and ways are better [im a planner people, i like order, an agenda, a timeline, a purpose…i rarely just “go do things”… (except for tattoos!)].  so i feel that i should be the one calling shots, especially when no one will make a decision. and again, if i have the wheel you can’t hurt me. if i detect you are about to hurt me, that’s fine…cause i’m in control and i can get to you first. really, truly that’s how i work. i bet a lot of other people work that way, too….they would just never admit it. if i know i am about to be attacked, i already have my posse ready…you know, the walls, the attitude, the moods, the neck popping…remember, i’m a planner? lol. no, but seriously i do it to protect myself. protect my feelings, my heart and frankly just me. i get tired of being stepped on. maybe i should start a “WA” group for wounded anonymous? cause i would not only be the president, but i’m also a client. good grief. i don’t like me.

{i almost stopped here, i felt i was a bit too transparent, but it could only get worse…then get better}

8. do i have a need to dominate or intimate people?
apparently i do this without trying. and i will admit that i certainly like feeling this way. if i know i intimidate you, that means you won’t get close enough to hurt me (can we say CYCLE?…not to be confused with psycho…). if i keep you at arms length away, you will never experience my heart, see my heart or look into my eyes. my eyes say EVERYTHING about me. i don’t NEED to intimidate people, but i will admit that to my flesh it feels nice. you aren’t a worry then. i guess its a way for me to be valued, important. hmmm, i’m thinking this could be a sign that i am wounded. so if i feel that you aren’t too scared to get close, i feel safe and secure…ouch. yeah, i am wounded.

9. am i opinionated and have a deep need to be right and prove a point?
believe it or not, i know i am not always right. i do, however, always feel the need for my point to be heard either way. a relationship i had kept me in the fetus position for so long, so now that i am so “independent”, i think you need to hear what i say [neck pop to follow that statement]. this is not a good thing. i dislike when people rebuttle, yet i enjoy rebuttling. i don’t like to just sit down and take things. i would like my opinion to be heard, which in turn makes me feel valued. which in turn is all connected to the fact that i am wounded and want to feel valued.

10. do i delight in other people’s failures?
uh-huh. sure. if they didn’t do it the way i see as correct, i think i do. you should plan, think ahead, etc…not do things on a “whim”…so when i see you fail because of lack of preparation, yes i sit and delight that maybe you should do it “right”. i also delight when people have to rely on others because they can’t do it on their own. so, yeah. i don’t have much else to say about this. i am pretty much a sucky person.

okay, well i think thats enough for today. i’m sure if anyone reads this your opinion of me has greatly change and you realize if more that i am a stinky, fleshly, sin-induced comatic person. however, i won’ t be here long. i plan to be free soon. completely free. and i plan on staying that way. its coming, i just have to keep on trucking…