A New Wardrobe

Galatians 3:27 – “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”

Want a scripture that will shake your world? Read that one. No, really…read it again. And then meditate on it. And then study it. And then meditate on it again. And then study the Greek. And then ask for revelation. And meditate some more. What will you get?


My personal testimony has not always been what I would call…earth-shattering. I was not delivered from drugs, alcohol or a prostitute drug out of the crack house. I never felt like my “testimony” was important, that it would make a difference.

But, it’s the only story I know. It’s the only way to God I have. See…

I grew up in church.
My parents are still married.
I was not a “bad” kid.
My family would be considered “normal”.

No one would think “Oh, poor white girl has it rough”, I was not ever in need of food, clothes, an education…or if I was, my parents never let me know. I lived in a “safe” world…or so you would think so from looking at my outside.

So, here’s my story…


(I am getting ready to open my closet. You’re going to see my skeletons…)

I was eaten up with: woundedness, hurt, bitterness, jealousy, apathy, gluttony, striving, ambition, competition, self-righteousness, selfishness, anger, worry, anxiety, sexual impurity, discouragement, orphan thinking, criticalness, pride, lukewarmness, performance orientation, guilt, shame, frustration, cycles, addiction, spitefulness, cynicalness and idols.
(I am sure there are more you can add here…)

My outside story might have not looked detrimental to my spiritual health, but the inside of me was filthy and suffocating the life out of me. These things that I carried as baggage were things I wore daily with a smile, hugs, moods, cunning remarks, sarcasm and witty comments. I hid them in different ways, to suppress the hurt and make YOU think I was okay.

But I never was okay.

I was allowing SIN to penetrate so deep within my spirit, I was a disease to other believers. I was a disease to the non-believer. I was diseased and I was spreading my ugly, nasty, filthy germs EVERYWHERE.

The past 7 years I have been on a new type of journey in my walk with Christ. I have tackled several of these issues only to find myself back in certain cycles, not fulling taking on the “freedom” the Word of God promises me. But it wasn’t because Jesus didn’t do His part…it was because I wasn’t doing mine.

See, I liked wearing some of those titles. They were comfortable. Some gave me attention. Some allowed me excuses to stay the same in some areas. Some people continued to bring up my past and I felt like I could never get over the fact that I was a manipulative, critical, rude and un-Christlike lady. I never really PUT THESE THINGS OFF.

Galatians 3:27 tells us that we are baptized into Christ AND that we PUT ON Christ. To put “on” in the Greek is endyo. It means “to sink into one’s clothing” & “to clothe oneself”. The problem that I have been having in my walk for YEARS is that I never put off those things to put on Christ. I was trying to put Christ on OVER those things to hide them, rather than allowing the robes of Christ to disrobe my sin. Instead of undressing and allowing myself to be seen for who I was, I was going with this “layered” look in the Spirit.




Now this is not to say that I have mastered this by any means, but there has been such a revelation to me about putting on Christ, that I am finding so many other things I have dressed myself in other than Christ, that I am “cleaning out my closet”. I am “spring cleaning” in the Spirit, getting rid of these filthy rags that He has been trying to get me out of for years! He is standing there holding my white robe of righteousness, waiting for me to just strip down so He can dress me in the riches that He has set aside for me.

After all, if you continue in Galatians 3, in verse 29 Paul writes that I am an HEIR.
An HEIR deals with royalty.

For years, I have chosen the rags over the robes.
I have chosen my sin over sanctification.
I have chosen to live in falsehood and not freedom.
I have chosen to live in the past instead of letting go to live in the present.
I have chosen comfort over the King.

But, today…I choose a new wardrobe. A robe. A beautiful white robe.

And tomorrow, I will choose it again.
And again. And again. And again.


I will have to put off daily, to put Christ on daily.
I have to change my clothes daily in the physical, why wouldn’t I change my clothes daily in the spiritual?

Put off the rags. Put on Christ. Put on



Voting. Why I Will NOT Endorse or Vote for President Barack Obama

It’s very simple you see:

11 Reasons Why I Will Not Endorse President Barack Obama:
1. He is a novice [1 Timothy 3:6; Romans 13:1-7]; He studied law, but did not practice law once he completed his degree; the only background knowledge he has is:
A. He was a senator for TWO years.
B. He ran a community organization
2. His mentors were anti-colonialism (Jeremiah Wright & Frank Marshall Davis [Davis also has a 600 page FBI file & was on the FBI ‘Security Index A’ list which meant that if there would have been any national security issues, he would have automatically been arrested. He was also a member of the CPUSA].
3. His current endorsements include: Hugo Sanchez & Fidel Castro’s family (known socialists).
4. His voting record. He voted FOR abortion in the 9th month/3rd trimester; He did NOT vote to ban sex shops near schools/churches [voting records are available online].
5. His supreme court judge decisions.
6. He promotes a utopia for the United States, but has unrealistic ability [A utopia CANNOT be producted].
7. Right to Life policy (again refer to his abortion vote in #4).
8. Sanctity of Marriage- He has made this a ‘plank’ in the democratic platform.
9. Michelle Obama’s quote: “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country…” Really?!? The most independent, free, amazing country on Planet Earth and you’re just NOW proud?!?
10. His associates (1 Corinthians 15:33)- Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright (who has honored Louis Farrkhan, the Father of Islam, who has made several degrading remarks about America), Bill Ayers, etc.
11. Religious freedom- We are losing this [with him] even though it is plainly stated in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.


I encourage you to read, think and pray at this time. Don’t follow your heart–the Word says it is wicked & deceitful. This is the time to be spirit-led. 


First of all, I should say that this is my first post…in a very, very, VERY long time. I decided to take a break from writing to work on me–sounds a bit selfish, huh? I needed to learn to write with a new perspective of grace, mercy & compassion. I love people, but I found myself frustrated when they didn’t understand what I understood; Thus I decided to “put down my pen” and dig in my heels to know God deeper.

I was awakened one year ago today at a “get-together”. When my husband & I arrived, the few people that were there were engaged in prayer. We simply joined in & for the next long while, we cried, cried out and prayed for His Presence to transform us! Thus, started me on yet another journey of knowing who He truly was/is/will be. 

My pastor spoke on redemption Sunday and it was amazing what revelation he spoke regarding it. As I was studying the other day, I came across something about redemption I never realized; it’s three-fold. Redemption is a cool word to say, offer to someone who has messed up & what the world truly desires…but do we really know what all in included in a redemption deal with Abba Father?

1. Redemption set me free from captivity.
I was in the slave market, up for grabs in the Kingdom of darkness. I was a slave to darkness AND my flesh. Although I thought I was making my own decisions and living my life on my agenda, I was truly on the agenda belonging to darkness and fulfilling a role they so strategically placed me—utterly NOT dependent on God. It was more of a humanistic religious way of living per say. But when Jesus was being beaten, ridiculed and spat upon, He was thinking of me. He was thinking about how I was being abused by the kingdom of darkness. He wanted to rescue me. He became Luke :18-19 by setting me free! He broke the chains of my captivity from the power of darkness.

2. Redemption released my blame & paid my debt.
For every sin, every iniquity, for everything that was never enough—it is now PAID IN FULL. His Blood was the ONLY ransom the kingdom of darkness would allow to pay my debt off–and He did so willingly. All blame, shame, regret, guilt & gaps caused by my sin have been negated and overruled by His Blood. His Blood washed away my sin, His Blood took away the shame and guilt & His Blood filled in all the gaps and voids in my life. 

3. Redemption reformed me & made me worthwhile.
He could have stopped at releasing me from the grasp of darkness. He didn’t. He could have stopped me at releasing from the grasp of darkness and releasing my debt. He didn’t. Redemption covers one more thing- It makes me WHOLE. He could have ignored the cracks, the voids and the wounds in my life…but He didn’t. He saw fit in the Redemption Story to complete it; to complete me; to complete you.  


I could write more. Redemption goes deeper. But I want you & I to grasp the reality and the realness of redemption. I want us to realize all the aspects of it. I want us to see & hear the truth of redemption.

Ask Him today to reveal Himself greater to you; ask Him today to speak to you about what He has redeemed you from…You may hear more than you think.

It’s a good day to thank Him. It’s a good day to thank Him for redemption.




my last post was august of 2009.

things have been a bit different from then. just a few lines of what’s new…


on july 24, 2011 on a sunday evening, at the home of my spiritual parents, i was awakened. truly awakened. i wept and travailed. i cried out. i danced. HE HEARD ME.

after searching for 30 years in my life, wondering where this big “God” was, knowing there was always “MORE”, he brought me to a place where i am beginning to see things with my own eyes.

he has answered prayers. i saw him shift the clouds in the atmosphere as we prayed. i saw him take away pain from traci as she cried out in pain from the cancer. i saw him shift hurricane irene from a category 3 to a 1…and this is no coincidence. this is evidence of a greater power that is HE. he is the I AM.

for the first time in my life i look forward to awaking each morning at 4:30 to seek His face. time is not an issue for me, neither is the waking up. i long to sit and hear him speak to me, it flows like water. his words are like sweet honey from a honeycomb. nothing, and i mean NOTHING compares to hearing HIS voice.

the best part: the best is yet to come.

he is purifying. he is refining. and i want every bit of it.
even the suffering.

this world has nothing for me.
thank you Lord for awakening that in me.

until another time…(soon, i hope)…

i pray awakening into your life. cry out in desperation.


he heard me. and i laugh and cry about it all the time…because HE HEARD ME.

Spiritual Understanding. The Benefits of…

This year has been such a year of learning, revelation and of more understanding. I basically soak in what I am taught like a five year old. I grasp it and I chew on it. I ponder it and figure out how to implement it in my life. I just know that there is so much more than this world has to offer…

Pops is my spiritual dad. He also goes by PT, Pastor Timothy and all that jazz. He has been mentoring me for about the past year and a half. Its been quite an uphill climb, as I certainly don’t want the pastor to see all my junk! But, alas, he has seen it himself and gladly points in out. He does it with gladness so he can help me discover how to be free!

So…I am here to share some really cool stuff found in Colossians 1:9-10. In these verses you will find:

Four Benefits of Spiritual Knowledge & Understanding: (Are you ready?!?…They are SUPER good!)

  1. When you grasp spiritual understanding, your life will ALWAYS honor and please Father God. How cool is that? Because I learn to understanding His word + revelation, I can live a life of holiness and be set apart because I UNDERSTAND how and why!
  2. As you grasp more spiritual understanding, there WILL be production of fruit in your ministry and life. Although your ministry IS your life…so it all works hand in hand.
  3. The more spiritual understanding you gain, you will continue to grow as you learn…it will not stop! You will keep gaining and gaining….WOW!
  4. Through spiritual understanding you will know God so intimately that He will be the driving force behind your persistence, determination and endurance!

That’s all for now…nothing too deep…just re-establishing my blog writing… 🙂

Make it a great day!

Paul. His Zeal to Destroy the Church.

Two posts in one day after not blogging since January? Yeah, I have been a little busy…with my job, packing, moving, getting married, etc., etc.

So I am just sharing a few downloads I have been receiving lately…but good night! The Lord is really trying to tell me something…

Galatians 1:13-14: “You know what I was like when I followed the Jewish religion-how I violently persecuted God’s church. I did my BEST to destroy it. I was far ahead of my fellow Jews in my zeal for the traditions of my ancestors.”

After I read this verse I sat and I pondered. I asked the Lord what I was to receive from reading this. Here is what He told me (some of you won’t like this…):

“Lisa, the world has more zeal to destroy my people, the church, than the church has to love the world”. OUCH.

Does this happen to put a fire under your butt like it did mine?!? Just wondering…

An Ode to my Husband.

The other day I was sitting at home waiting for my new husband to arrive home and I realized that there were so many vital things that I loved about him. So I wrote it down and decided to share it with you:

Why I Love You…

I love you because you love me unconditionally

You seek to find the best in me (even when it is hidden)

You desire nothing more than an extraordinary life

And that life you want to live out with me

You desired me as your lover

You hand selected me as your best friend

You vowed to love me despite circumstances and obstacles

I vowed to follow you wherever He sends you

You hear His voice (more than you realize)

You follow His word, you aspire to be obedient

You are becoming a voice in this generation, strong & confident

You are aggressive in your faith & grow more daily in understanding

Pushing past mundane & mediocre life

You soar above others with your diligence & devotion

You are steadfast & loyal until things are done right & complete

You see details from all perspectives

Especially how Father God sees things

You are determined to learn how to love like He loves

You are able to hear the sounds of heaven

You are able to uproot the gates of hell

You uplift, engage & encourage others to step beyond their reality vision

You speak with wisdom well beyond your years

You work hard, whether for nothing or for all

You seek direction & spiritual fatherhood

You are on a quest to find something not many have found

You want to know the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven

You want to be a Kingdom man

You want to be a legitimate Father, natural & spiritual

You want to be an influencer, its not what you say, but what you do

You long to be a part of the change

You strive to be different and set apart

You know we belong here, a peculiar people

You inspire, encourage, edify & challenge me.

I admire, honor, uplift, submit, bless, & love you.

You are the priest of our home.

You are the man of God that He designed you to be! And you continue to quest after your full inheritance…

I love you…

I printed this out and put it next to his sweet tea glass (he is greeted with one every afternoon when he arrives home). I love him because of the man God has made him and continues to mature him into.